Site List

  • All:Sites in the list will be selected or canceled in batch.It shows traffic related site.
  • U/P(Day):It shows price for site task in every day.Daily payment when ended.
  • Number:Unique number will be assigned to every site added.You could provid number to us in order to solve problem.
  • Site Name:t's easy to recognize,find,sort and group sites by name of site task.
  • My Site:User adds sites which need traffic,in which Spirit will visit subpage at random.
  • Setting:You could click Change to change all setting for sites and click Export to export setting for testing.
  • Today Traffic:It shows traffic allocated today.Details in every time bucket of day will be shown when mouse hovering over.You could click History to review traffic in the recent
    90 days.
  • Status:It shows two group of data,the former is successful proportion to visit My Site,the later is time to open My Site.
  • Task Control:It shows status of site task.You could click Start Site to get traffic as per setting,fee per day will be paid at the same time.It will pause the task and traffic if clicked
    Pause Site.The task will be ended automatically if task paused in the next payment.You could click Recover Site to recover task and get traffic.You could click End Site to end the
    task.Fee at that day
    will not be returned after ended task.If not needed,we advise you pause task.
  • Task Time:It shows time left for task.You could click Change Time to change ending time.
Other Function
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