• Page clicked is compulsively opened in the original window:Page clicked is compulsively opened in the original window,not new window.If used the function,Second Visit is disabled.
  • Number:It shows number of Match-Click and max.You could add 100 at most.
  • Not Used:It shows proportion of traffic left which is not used for Match-Click.
  • Time on Homepage:It shows time on the new page which is homepage after clicked.Time will be accumulated total on Click.
  • Match-Click:It shows characteristic added for Match-Click.You could choose one row and change,delete.
  • Second Visit:It sets rule of second visit which is to visit subpage of website clicked.Time on subpage will be accumulated total time.Please refer to Subpage Visit Function.
  • Add:Add characteristic quickly by choosing tag.You could choose characteristic in the list to change or delete.
  • Tag:It's to click tag type of HTML such as:'<a></a> , <input> , <img> , <div></div> , <span></span>' etc.
  • Attribute:It's attribute name of HTML tag,for example,<input type='button' id='xxxxxx' name='yyyyyy' value='mouseclick'>,type,id,name,value is attribute.
  • Value:It's value for HTML tag,for example,<input type='button' id='xxxxxx' name='yyyyyy' value='mouseclick'>,'mouseclick' is value of attribute.
  • Click Position:Relative Position,Default Position at Random,Customized position starts from html element at the left top corner.
  • Characteristic of Bulk Adding:Add text in batch with row as unit which shows characteristic,format: Type,Proportion,Content,for example: '0,10,0,0,',
    Type is linked url,Proportion is '10%',Content is '',If linked url includes '' in the page,it will click.
    Type defined as below
    0: Linked URL.It shows to enter part of linked URL as characteristic.Bulk Adding format: 0,Proportion,X-axis,Y-axis,Characteristic,for example: '0,10,0,0,'.
    1: Linked Title.It shows to enter part of linked title as characteristic.Bulk Adding format: 1,Proportion,X-axis,Y-axis,Characteristic,for example: '1,20,100,20,Start'.
    2: Click Video.It shows to click Video in the page at random.Bulk Adding format: 2,Proportion,X-axis,Y-axis,No Characteristic,for example: '2,30,120,200,No Characteristic'.
    99: Customized Click.It shows to click any html tag.Bulk Adding format: 99,Proportion,X-axis,Y-axis,Tag#Attribute#Value,for example: '99,50,20,30,input#id#clickme',If ID of Input includes 'clickme',it will click.
    Proportion will not excced 100%,number of characteristic not 100 when bulk adding Click.
FAQ:How to use Match-Click?
Other Function
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