Other Batch

  • Bulk Adding Site:It adds site in batch with special text format in order to improve efficiency.
  • Bulk Starting Site:It starts all sites selected.You will pay for this operation.Please be careful for this.
  • Bulk Pausing Site:It pauses all sites selected.It won't get traffic after paused.If still paused in next payment,the task will be ended.
  • Bulk Recovering Site:It recovers all sites selected.It will get traffic after recovered.
  • Bulk Ending Site:It ends all sites selected.It won't get traffic after ended.Fee paid in that day will not be returned.If wanted it again,you will pay it.If not needed,we advise you pause
    site task.
  • Bulk Deleting Site:It deletes all sites selected,Once status is stop,site could be deleted.But the data can't be reversed.Please be careful for this.
  • Bulk Changing Time:It changes ending time for sites selected in batch.
  • Bulk Copying Setting:It uses current site as a template in order to copy the setting to sites selected.
Other Function
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